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Superclub is much more than a board game; it's a way for you to manage your favourite team and play with your favourite players in the comfort of your living room. Superclub is already excellent, but by expanding it, you will experience a whole new dimension to the game.
Explore a world of Official Licensed Products

What do Mbappé, Haaland and Eusébio have in common?

In addition to be a world-class forwards, they're all in Superclub together with hundreds of the best football players in the world. Let's have a look at what the Player cards expansion is and why you should consider adding it to your Superclub collection.

Player cards expansion is a cards-only expansion filled with all first-team players, some with talents, while others have Legends. All come with write-your-own-name cards. Why you should you consider buying Player cards:

  • All first-team players
  • One Golden playable collectible card
  • Compatible with all Superclub products
  • Enriched gameplay experience with player imagery and club crest

They share the same background as native players from Superclub, so simply mix them together and you are all set.

You can find a full list of every player included on the product page of the respective products.

Take on the Leagues

Discover these giant player cards expansions where all the cards have real player names, images, star ratings and club crest! League expansions are true game changers, or as one of our customers, Jordi said about the LALIGA expansion “The best expansion for the best board game in the world”.

How to play?

There are two main ways to play the game using the LALIGA or Bundesliga expansion:

  1. Play a domestic game with only LALIGA/Bundesliga players.

  2. Enjoy a global game using players from both LALIGA/Bundesliga + any other players from the Superclub universe you want.

Superclub's very own Spanish translator (no worries for non-Spanish speakers; the videos are in English) has created some excellent videos explaining how the League expansions, among other expansions, work:

You might have noticed that the products featured in the videos are from the 22/23 season, and that's correct. However, the rules remain exactly the same in the 23/24 version.

Clash of the titans

(Photo: Sebastian)

Whether you're looking to replace one of the default Superclub teams or add a fifth manager, this expansion offers the versatility for you. It's easy to set-up and the expansion comes with everything you need to become a manager: a club-branded manager folder, a club pad, dice, and more. You can find all available Manager kits here.

Watch unboxing of all Manager kits (YouTube)


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