Rogers masterclass: Choosing players in the draft

Rogers masterclass: Choosing players in the draft

Choosing players in the draft

It’s time to play a game of Superclub, and we start with one of the most decisive moments of the game. The Draft – the foundation of the team for the following seasons. The players you sign during this stage will have an influence on your future strategies, tactics, investments, and even on your chances to win the game. So choose your players carefully! Of course, most of the time you will not be able to get the player you want, because someone else will sign him before you, but it’s important to take some things into account when choosing your players.


First of all, don’t just choose the players with the most stars. Think about your team tactics, your future investments, etc. That is, if you have three very good midfielders, three very good defenders, and just one average attacker, maybe instead of getting that 4-star attacker, you should get that 4-star midfielder in order to focus on having a very strong midfield and a very strong defence to secure wins by winning these two thirds?

Chemistry stars

Chemistry stars may decide the outcome of a game, so it may be good to get some players with chemistry, and especially players whose chemistry will match that of the other players you have in the same third.



If you’re signing talents that can get up to 5 or 6 stars, it may be good to focus on getting as many as you can and then invest a lot on training. You may not start the game with the best team, but with a little luck during the training phase, you may end up winning the game with a team full of 5 and 6 star players that you developed yourself! That certainly is so rewarding!


If you have the chance to sign a 4-star goalkeeper in the draft, do it! They are the best goalkeepers, and there are few of them. And if you see one with the chemistry on the right, he must be yours! In fact, bear in mind that there are few goalkeepers: you could even end the draft without having signed a goalkeeper and have to play with Given, the 1-star default goalkeeper for some seasons until you scout one or buy one on deadline day.

Utility players (only available in some expansions)

Having utility players may be very useful in order to play with your favourite formation and also to change formation when you want. Those purple players can play anywhere, except as a goalkeeper, so having utility players with 4 and 5 stars can be a game changer. However, 2-star utility players may be useful in the beginning but they will probably stay on the bench for most of the game. Instead, it will probably be better to get a 3-star player who can play in just one position. He will contribute 1 more star to your squad total, and he will possibly play more… and if you sell him to the bank, you will get more money.

Having said all this, you may find yourself in a situation in which you can pick a 4-star goalkeeper, a 5-star midfielder, a 4-star utility player, a 4-star defender with double chemistry and a 2-star midfielder that you can train up to 6 stars. Of course, you want all of them, but you can only sign one… and the other managers will probably sign the rest of them before it’s your turn back again. Tough decision, right? Just think about your long-term strategy and choose wisely.

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Roger Gascon

Meet Roger Gascon, Spain’s first ever Superclub professional! Given that playing Superclub is not (yet?) a viable career path, the superfan turned Spanish market translator turned pro tipster puts in the hours purely for the love of the game. He is an abundant source of Superclub knowledge, and he doesn’t mind sharing.