Superclub gift guide

If you know someone who’s been very good this year and deserves to find either the beautiful game itself or some lovely expansions under the tree, you have come to the right place. This gift guide will help you find the perfect present for that special Superclub manager in your life!

Dear youngster 🧝

You’re just starting your football gaming career and want to prove yourself. Superclub is your chance to do just that.

Get the base game

Dear competitive friend 🏆

Competition is your thing. The more, the better. Top Six will add two more managers to our game nights. You’re welcome.

Add 2 managers

Dear derby specialist 🤜🤛

You wish you could play your biggest rival every week, just the two of you. That’s what Powerhouses is for. Good luck!


Dear fanager 🤩

You like football. But you LOVE your club. Now that Superclub has official club expansions, I immediately thought of you.

Get the Superclub bundle

Dear talent scout 👀

Like you always say: The more player cards, the merrier. Entire squads in neat little packs has to be your thing. Merry Christmas!

Club player cards

Dear Bundesliga boss 🇩🇪

Your love of German football is so touching that I’m gifting you a box full of Bundesliga player cards to touch.

Bundesliga expansions

Dear LaLiga lover 🇪🇸

Spanish football is at the very core of your being. You already have the core Superclub game, gifting you the LALIGA expansions was a no-brainer.

LaLiga expansion

Dear wild card 🧨

You’ve never backed down from a challenge, you don’t mind added complexity and you like to shake things up. This mini expansion is just perfect!

Wild cards
Superclub caps

Dear hat-trick hero 😎

You’re always ahead of the game. Here’s a way to put the game on your head. Happy holidays!

Superclub cap

Dear globetrotter 🛩

You’ve nearly seen it all. So I had to get you nearly all of what Superclub has to offer. Happy travels!

Official licensed expansions

Dear Superclub pro 👔

No matter the challenge, you go all in. I did the same with your gift. Have a great Christmas at «the office».

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