Shopping help

Find out how to buy Superclub, as well as details on where and why you should buy it. 

How to buy 🛒

First, choose Superclub in your preferred language. Superclub (Base Game) is now available in English, German, French, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese. Proceed to checkout and simply provide your address and pay using your preferred method. We will take care of the rest. Already bought Superclub? We have a bunch of exciting expansion – everything from native to club and league related. Go to shop to see more.

Where can I buy Superclub?

At the moment, Superclub is available through our webshop and Amazon (UK, DE, SE, and ES).

Why should I buy Superclub?

Superclub is a premium product and a must-have for all football fans. Here are several reasons why:

Supremely social
Gather your friends and family.

Ridiculously engaging
Where did the hours go?

Tactically challenging
Your choices matter!

Endlessly replayable
No two sessions are alike.

Premium quality
From design to materials, everything shines.

The manager folders
The manager folders are the most significant factor driving up our prices compared to some simpler games. They are made from custom-ordered, soft-touch, black-core paper normally used only in high-quality cards. You get 4 of these folders in Superclub and two more in the Top Six expansion, and they are gorgeous, practical, and essential to the playing experience.

Replayable and super high quality
We understand that Superclub is an investment, but you can be sure that it is a long-term one. It’s infinitely replayable and super high quality. 

Made to share
We encourage co-ownership of games, as Superclub is about bringing people together. There is no solo mode in Superclub, nor will there be. It’s made to share – so why not share the cost with a friend?