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One of the best board games ever created!

This really has been a surprise! The game is very cleverly structured to add all kinds of fun, even with only two people playing! And you don't even have to be a football enthusiast to enjoy the game! Congrats to the creator, he's given us enormous hours of fun!

Ottimo gioco da tavola!

Gioco decisamente ben fatto.
Utili le varie espansioni per avvicinarsi ancora di più alla realtà ….peccato non ci sia una espansione del campionato italiano …sarebbe il TOP!
Consigliato agli amanti di football manager

Arsenal Team

So good to get the update version of the players

Superclub – The football manager board game

City Cards

Nice work. Everything looks good!

Wild cards
Todd Gordon
Great Extensions

Purchased this last year and is far and away our favourite family game! Purchased the expansions recently and they have definitely added even more to an already brilliant game!

Great addition to the collection a must for all Chelsea and football fans alike

Super fast shipping!

Have yet to play the game as it is an Xmas present for my nephew (that I'm sure to be jumping in on come Xmas day!).
Just going by box size, weight and outward presentation for a board game I'm impressed and dying to rip it open, weight especially took me by surprise getting it out the delivery box!
Have to commend the incredibly fast shipping. Ordered around 1pm on a Thursday and it was in my hands not long after 12pm the next day. Great email communication throughout (and the emails gave me a chuckle). Well done Superclub team, hope to update when we have played!

Superclub – The football manager board game

Superclub – The football manager board game

Wild cards
Nadel Jorge

A wider range of strategies, plus additional surprises...
Love it!!

Jogo muito bom

Experimentei pela primeira vez esta semana e foi uma hora e meia de diversão e competição. Muito bom

Wild cards
Max Ludwig
Solid Extension would recommend

The Veterans really spice up the Game

Wild cards
Julian Steffens

I didn’t get my order till now

Top Six
Theo Johansson

A bit expensive but everyting else is perfect

FC BARCELONA Manager kit

Top Six
Nikola Petrovic
Great expansion

Wish you could add even more players.

Sehr gute Fußballmanager-Simulation

Ein super Spiel für alle Fans von Management und Fußball!!!

Top Six
Jakob Schnelle
Top Six

Brilliant addition to the game

The game is great

The game is great :) I will translate it to Serbo-Croatian for my friends to enjoy as well.

Superclub – The football manager board game

What a discovery!

What a discovery!

Can´t express enough how happy we are to count with this game for our game nights!
Within the 1st week of playing it, we´ve already bought the 3 expansions available (Wild cards, Top Six and Powerhouses).

By: an addicted crowd.

Good Expansion

Because the Powerhouses have no development option they are too strong in the beginning and to weak at the end. So I made own Powerhouses cards that develop per season as well as the squad strength. The new trait brings an interesting new option because with 6 players you want to have a captain in your Team to have the full effect of captain boost. Great new cards.

Wild cards
Henrik Büdding
Expansion you need

Brings a nice feature that your squad can get weaker too with the veterans. Because of the lose of the sales price when veterans gets weaker in our games they get back to inactive players pile really fast. Lower sale prices for weaker veterans would have been a better option I guess. The addition of player abilities is awesome and mixed with the base game it is good balanced.

Maximilian König
Nice to have for People who don’t like SIM Games!

I think that the Powerhouse Expansion is nice to have for all those who don’t like SIM Games. I don’t like the simulations so I like the Expansion really much. There’s only one problem. I don’t like that the Powerhouses are that strong. They are so strong that in a long game if you have bad luck you play for almost 6 hours. This is a bit long. Also I think it would be great if there would be some changes. I mean yeah sometimes there defense is better, sometimes the offense but all in all there is no change and this makes the game a little bit monotonous.

I think it would be great if for example the League Expansions would have some Powerhouse Clubs too. So in LaLiga you can play against Real Madrid for example! That would bring more fun! I love your game but I think that you could bring more stuff into the expansion. But this expansion price is fair in comparison to the Wildcards Expansion.