Celebrate the game’s brightest stars

The Wall of Fame bonus pack is a celebration of Superclub’s biggest stars. It comes free with every pre-order of football’s biggest stars, and pre-ordering one or more licensed player cards or league expansions is the only way to get it. The bonus pack includes 4 very special player cards + 1 experimental Game changer card, and signals the start of Superclub’s Wall of Fame.

Lastic Takl

Introducing the man that celebrates tackles like they were goals and goals as if they were tackles. Give a big round of applause for coach of the year 2022: Lastic Takl!


Bench warmer, backup, squad player, journeyman, legend – there are many ways to describe the second Superclub Wall of Fame inductee. He is literally the first name on the team sheet, still he rarely gets a start and usually remains in the background. It’s long overdue that he gets his own card. Give it up for Given, the most selected Superclub player of all time (counting bench appearances).


From the moment we opened the Superclub Wall of Fame, our first ever Ballon b’Oard winner for most popular player card was a shoo-in. Now the moment has arrived. Join us in celebrating this defender turned utility player with so many stellar performances to his very catchy name! Congratulations Rammelkamp!


In academia, «Rector» is a title referring to the head of a university, college or school. In Superclub, Rector also means titles – the reigning Ballon b’Oard winner is a natural leader of any title-chasing defense. He’s dropped masterclass after masterclass for years, now he finally takes stage not to teach us, but to reap his rewards with a permanent place on the most prestigious of blackboards.
Congrats, Rector!

Unlimited funds – Game changer

Experimental game changer card that will give you unlimited funds for the rest of the game. Do you use it or risk that someone else gets it?